Special Torture (or how to grin and bear it)

A little History

July 25, 2012 / by admin

So here is the scoop…

I am 38, well I was 37 when we started. In early spring of 2011, my beau and I stopped using birth control. By June, I decided I wanted to have a better idea of how shit worked so, by July I had a full month of fertility charting. By the time October hit, I suspected something was up. As far as I could tell I was ovulating each month, but all the perfectly timed sex I could have in 5 month hadn’t gotten me knocked up, so I went to the Doctor. By November I had a fertility specialist giving me the “full work-up” (what a bull shit concept that is. more on that later). So by December, I had one obstructed fallopian tube (left), a fist sized ovarian cyst (right), and the hormones (FSH, AMH, TSH) of a lady past 40. In other words, it made perfect sense I was not getting pregnant. I was a mess. Before the end of 2012 I had joined a Resolve infertility support group.

In February 2012, I had the cyst removed. Nothing could be done about the fallopian tube. I kept trying naturally. By April I owed the hospital so much, I could no longer seek “voluntary” fertility services, so I had to take a break from doctors until I could pay the bills off. I kept trying naturally. June came and went. A full year had come and gone. Now it’s July and I am still not pregnant. My specialist tells me that I have run out of “natural” options. That my only really choice to do some assisted fertility technique. My insurance does not cover anything assisted. I live paycheck to paycheck.



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