Special Torture (or how to grin and bear it)


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It worked. The recanalization was a success. Dr R even shared 4 super cool xray images from the procedure. Look : 1) HSG #1 or an attempt to push fluid through my tubes. Only the right tube fills and spills. 2) Dr R inserting a tiny wire into my left fallopian tube to clear blockages. 3) Dr R sending fluid […]

Migraine Mondays

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I wake up with migraines on Monday mornings more often then on any other day of the week. What the hell? Talk about adding insult to injury. I have had 5 migraines this past week, which I hope is only related to that fact that this was the first 7 days of my menstrual cycle. Hormones be damned. […]

One Week!

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7 days until the recanalization! Also next week I decided to take 3 days off (Tues/Wed/Thurs). Grant it, one of these days will be spent at the hospital and groggy from sedation, but three full days off is a treasure! Now, I just have to find ways to 1) not spend any money and 2) avoid all work that is […]

Holy fuck, Premenstrual syndrome.

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Day 25 of my cycle and it’s a doozie. I am glad I don’t have raw, emotional PMS every month, but somehow that irregularity makes it even harder to figure out what the fuck is going wrong with me every time I spend half a day bursting into tears every 15 minutes. It’s a really good thing I do not […]

A Singular Bike Ride

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I’ve read about this strange ritual before, but today was a first for me.  I peddled 40 odd blocks across town with a small container of my partner’s seminal fluid tucked betwixt my boobs.  Why would I do this, you may ask. For science of course! Where where you going, might be your next question. The new doctor is at 8th and […]

Home Practice

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I hate doing yoga or any other exercise at home. Just deplore it. I have tired all manner of activity – yoga, free weights, PT, aerobics, boot camp style workouts, stuff with that stupid exercise ball, DVDs, streaming video, worksheets, check lists, free flow workouts from my own imagination. Doesn’t matter what it is, I would rather eat glass than do it. I have a litany of half hearted procrastinations  – I don’t have enough time. I […]


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I had put off posting, because I was concerned for more bad news, but so far, things continue to look good. Dr K, who I like much more then Dr D, agrees that the tubal recanalization is a good idea and that I am a perfect candidat. Dr T and Dr R (and their offices) followed […]

12 things you should never ask

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Resolve linked to this.  Having dealt with half of these, I can honestly say these well meaning questions and comments do more harm than good.  I’d add a 13th item – don’t mention adoption. We know it’s a option. We haven’t forgotten.  But in a lot of cases it’s too soon to consider or it simply is not the right choice OR […]

It all started with yoga…

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For most of my life I have been lazy and out of shape. It’s just my thing. Also, I have a genetic condition that affects my lungs’ ability to oxygenate my blood. Again, just sort of my thing. I can only assume that the whole lack of oxygen situation probably played a pretty big roll in the not wanting to run around business, but for most […]

A reversal of fortune?

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Dare I dream? I’d better not, but I can at least pat myself on the back for self advocacy. In addition to deciding that I needed a second opinion, I also emailed my Interventional Radiologist, Dr T, requesting that he put me in touch with his colleague who does fallopian tube recanalization. Recanalization is any procedure that literally reopens […]

In Other News

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I got my second Botox treatment yesterday. For migraine management, not anything cosmetic. It still seems strange to me that anyone would use the root ‘tox’ in a drug name. I think we can assume that was not accidental.  Happily, I don’t mind be reminded of the fact that I have Botulism toxin under the skin of my face, neck, […]


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I curse. My grammer, typing, and spelling are horrendous.  I don’t have the aptitude or attention to correct any of it.  Sorry.

A second opinion

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It’s time for a second opinion. I could list all the things that my reproductive endocrinologist has done, not done, said, not said, forgotten, glossed over, fucking made light of,  or simply shrugged off, and maybe you would get how disappointed and angered I am by this woman, but well, it’s a long list.  I am not even […]


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So the good news is that I wont be taking any fertility drugs. Whew. The bad news is I wont be participating in the AMIGOS study.  I did not qualify. Not because I have an obstructed fallopian tube. Not because I had a grapefruit sized cyst on my right ovary. Not because I have crappy hormone levels. Not […]