Special Torture (or how to grin and bear it)

A reversal of fortune?

August 3, 2012 / by admin

Dare I dream? I’d better not, but I can at least pat myself on the back for self advocacy.

In addition to deciding that I needed a second opinion, I also emailed my Interventional Radiologist, Dr T, requesting that he put me in touch with his colleague who does fallopian tube recanalization. Recanalization is any procedure that literally reopens blocked or obstructed pathways. Dr T mentioned this concept to me the last time we met. He wanted to know how things were going with my baby making schemes. When I explained my many hindrances,  he enthusiastically endorsed this “newish” procedure.

As I was hitting send on the email to him, I thought to myself that the chances of this doc even responding to my email were pretty slim. But low and behold, within an hour he had replied. He was going to speak to this second doctor, Dr R, on my behalf, but it would probably require my fertility doctor’s blessing. When I responded that that would not be forthcoming, I thought the matter would be quickly closed. This did not dishearten me completely. I am after all seeking a second opinion. Perhaps this new doc would have a positive take on recanalization. You see, fertility doctor #1 (from this point on known at Dr D) told me in our meeting last month that she did not think tubal recanalization was an option for me. It just did not work,  she informed,  and furthermore I was not even a candidate. It would be best for me to forget about it. I started to cry (yup. cry) and explained that it seemed wrong to me to give up on something that might increase my chances of conceiving without drugs and IUI or IVF. I mean seriously, what was the worst that could happen? The tube is already obstructed. She relented only in so much as she said that I could pursue it on my own, but that she would not recommend it.

So imagine my surprise today when I get a phone call from Dr R herself. She was a little dismayed at how negative Dr D’s thoughts on recanalization were. Dr R (and Dr T before her) extolled the virtues or this procedure,  quoting very high success rates for the procedure itself and generally increased chances of conception afterwards and what’s more, she has taken a look at my HSG results and thinks I am a perfect candidate. What that fuck, Dr D?  Yeah, yeah, I get that doctors don’t always agree, but I have too diametrically apposed points of view here. I am extremely interested in what fertility doctor #2, AKA Dr K, has to say. More on this tomorrow I am sure.

Oh but in the meantime, Dr R’s office has called me twice and I have even gone so far as to set the date for the recanalization. August 29th. 7 am. Of course, I need to see if my insurance will cover all this. Dr R’s office suggested that insurance companies that do not cover IUI or IVF often do cover this procedure. It’s in and out – a same day affair after all, but I will have to wait a few days to see how this all pans out.

Worst case, BCBS does not cover it and that’s it. I am right where I started from. Best case, I get to give it a try. Of course even then there are no guarantees, but man, doesn’t it seem exciting? Forward momentum! Action! Recanalization!


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