Special Torture (or how to grin and bear it)


December 9, 2020 / by admin

What the hell happened? How did I just drop off the map in March and, quite literally, forget that this blog was sitting here? I’ll tell you. COVID happened and they sent my kid home from school and she has not been back since. A spring, a summer, a fall and it’s now December. So much has fucking happened. When the pandemic started we said wishful things like,”by the time it’s our birthday” or “by Halloween”. God. It’s so bad with no end in sight.

Let see, first weeks of what I called Homeschooling, then a month or two of actual virtual school, and then summer vacation. That went smoothly enough. It was hard, but we escaped to play outdoors with friends from time to time, we swam in a river in Maryland several times, and we waded in our own like a slice of kiddie pool heaven in the backyard. The most noteworthy thing was my hair growing back. Sounds easy enough, but it was a long slog to be sure. So much anxiety about staying safe and healthy. The kid took up all of my free mental bandwidth and I honestly think I completely forget about this blog by April 1st.

Half a year passed. September brought disaster. My mom got sick with sepsis and spent a week in the hospital. Had I been writing here during any of that, you would have heard an earful about hospital delirium and how shocking it is to finally see a dementia patient so confused they are willing to poop in a cupboard. But during all of that, I steadfastly did not remember this blog!

I chose to keep the kid out of hybrid learning in order to keep us all less exposed and that has been a fucking nightmare. Months in, I think we are finally hitting our stride, but it’s still not easy.

So, things are changed so much. Life was turned upside down, not one but three times.

What, you might wonder, got me thinking about this place again? What prompted me to return? I got the bill for the hosting. It really took an invoice to jog my memory.

So that it. The quickest, bare bones update I can muster. I have decided to pay the bill and see what I can offer. Stay tuned.

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