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August 2, 2012 / by admin

I got my second Botox treatment yesterday. For migraine management, not anything cosmetic. It still seems strange to me that anyone would use the root ‘tox’ in a drug name. I think we can assume that was not accidental.  Happily, I don’t mind be reminded of the fact that I have Botulism toxin under the skin of my face, neck, and shoulders. I think it’s kind of amazing. Better living through chemicals and all that. Actually in this case, better living though bacteria!  I just can’t imagine the men and women that get this for cosmetic reasons are so keen on that idea and I would not think Allergan would not want to remind them of that. Though come to think of it, who names their pharmaceutical company Allergan? That name just screams ALLERGEN. Weird stuff.

Any any rate, if the second treatment is anything like the first, I am looking forward to a few weeks of decreased pain. It’s well known that the drug’s efficacy can increase with a second set of injections. So it’s reasonable to expect a decreases in the frequency of my migraines as well. Reasonable, but perhaps unlikely. Like with so many things, I think it’s best not to get my hopes up and perhaps I’ll be pleasantly surprised. Also pleased to note that my forehead feels less paralyzed this time around. So far anyway. I think I am still within the window of symptoms setting in. Which is good news, because as I type these words, I am getting a migrane aura. bleh.

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