Special Torture (or how to grin and bear it)


August 13, 2012 / by admin

I had put off posting, because I was concerned for more bad news, but so far, things continue to look good. Dr K, who I like much more then Dr D, agrees that the tubal recanalization is a good idea and that I am a perfect candidat. Dr T and Dr R (and their offices) followed through and it seems like everything is a GO. On August 29th, I will have my left fallopian tube recanalized! My insurance will even cover it!

Why Dr D just could not offer this as an option, I will never understand.  Ok, what I do understand is this – it might not work. They may not be able to remove the obstruction(s) in my tube. I also get that there is more then one factor effecting my fertility – even if they open up the tube, I may not get pregnant. I undertand that IVF is my best option. I also understand that it’s not a financial possibility. I can’t put us that far in debt. I just can’t.  It still just baffles me that Dr D refused to endorse my next best chance at some measure of increased fertility.

Oh well, no more crying over split milk and bad doctors. The good news is that my tubal obstruction is being addressed and it’s a simple in-and-out procedure covered by my insurance.  YES!

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