Special Torture (or how to grin and bear it)


August 30, 2012 / by admin

It worked. The recanalization was a success. Dr R even shared 4 super cool xray images from the procedure. Look :

1) HSG #1 or an attempt to push fluid through my tubes. Only the right tube fills and spills.
HSG pre recanalization

HSG pre recanalization : Right tube open. Left tube blocked

2) Dr R inserting a tiny wire into my left fallopian tube to clear blockages.
passage of wire

Passage of wire through left tube!

3) Dr R sending fluid through the now recanalized left tube.
selective injection into tube post recanalization

Selective injection into tube post recanalization

4) The repeat of the first process. A complete HSG with both tubes functional!
HSG post recanalization

HSG post recanalization. Both Tubes fill!

Also  – Look at my funny little uterus! How bizarre.

So there is no guarantee that my tube will remain open, but at least for a few months I have a greater chance of getting pregnant. Word.

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